Engineering Lubricant Distributor

Engineering operations require highly specific lubrication solutions. From gear oils to greases, lubricants must have a wide range of important attributes such as thermal stability while working under extreme temperatures and excellent resistance against oxidation to ensure they are still fit for purpose, even under intense conditions. As a result, tracking down an experienced engineering lubricant distributor is an absolute must for all companies operating in this specialised sector.

What can an engineering lubricant distributor offer?

Engineering lubricant distributors work hard for their clients to make sure that they always have a steady supply of the right lubricants they require to keep equipment in great shape or complete large-scale projects. Engineers might need high-spec bearing lubrication oils or specialist greases for hard-to-reach components and enclosed systems, but either way, distributors can source each product required and ensure it arrives on site whenever it is needed to ensure project deadlines are always met.

Specialist lubrication solutions sourced

The type of lubricants used by the engineering industry often include advanced and specialist solutions. As a result, enterprises requiring them are unlikely to find easy access to the lubricants they need from a basic supplier. For example, extreme-pressure (EP) gear oils must be manufactured with highly refined petroleum base oil stock that includes multiple additive and inhibitors to be effective.

The greases used in engineering are also designed to offer enhanced levels of protection. Excessive moisture and water can create a fertile environment for unwanted bearing damage, but greases are engineered to protect them from contamination. Regardless of how specialised the oil or grease required is, engineering lubricant distributors can be relied upon to understand an enterprise’s needs and find any solution necessary.

Lubrication procurement experts for all your engineering needs

At TrAchem, we take pride in delivering a dedicated procurement service that is second-to-none. As a leader in our field, we have access to more lubricants and lubrication brands than any of our competitors. This allows us to ensure that companies in sectors like engineering get the highest quality lubricants for key applications on time, and always for the best prices available.

Whether you require industrial-grade gear oils or lubricated greases for bearings, you can count on us for the product you need. If you can’t see the lubricant recommended by your OEM in our online catalogue, feel free to contact us and our dedicated team will work to source it for you.