Food Grade Lubricants Suppliers

Like companies in other production sectors, operations involving the processing, manufacturing and distribution of consumable products require machinery working at maximum capacity. However, to remain competitive with these cutting-edge workhorses running in great shape, oils, greases and other fluids are essential.

Lubricants are the lifeblood of every firm operating machinery to ensure equipment remains free from wear and tear and protected from corrosive forces. Lubricants not only empower equipment to operate at optimum efficiency but add years to its active service life. As a result, a steady supply of high-quality lubricants is a critical requirement. However, for firms making food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals, oils and greases in use must be food grade products to protect consumers and keep companies compliant with legislation.

Finding such specialist products is not always easy for enterprises. Fortunately however, food grade lubricants suppliers have an in-depth understanding of these oils, greases and fluids, and can procure and provide perfect solutions to meet any application.

What are food grade lubricants?

Odourless, harmless and pale, food grade lubricants are essential for maintaining machinery that either prepares or incurs incidental contact with food and other consumable products. Food prepared for mass consumption must never be contaminated with toxic chemicals; these lubricants are the only solution.

Using lubricants specifically engineered for safe use around food is now a legal requirement for beverage and food manufacturers and food grade lubricants allow firms to ensure they’re taking the correct precautions to abide by regulations and keep consumers healthy and safe.

Who uses food grade lubricants suppliers?

An extensive range of enterprises and operators in the food industry use food grade lubricant supplier’s services. These include supermarket chains, breweries, Meat and poultry processors, dairies, bakeries, canneries, and bottling plants.

From enterprises who ship raw food materials to packaging companies where finished products are bottled or canned, businesses involved in every stage of the food and drink industry require food grade solutions.

As well as keeping products free from contaminants and pollutants, many food and beverage producers require lubrication products which conform to and respect specific diets including kosher, halal, pareve, vegan and vegetarian.

What can food grade lubricants suppliers offer?

Food grade lubricants suppliers can provide a diverse range of lubrication products for firms which are safe to use. These include, but are not limited to, hydraulic oils and anti-wear lubricants, gear oils and Extreme Pressure (EP) gear oils, general purpose machine oils, heat transfer fluids (HTFs), compressor oils including piston, rotary screw and vane lubricants, sugar dissolving fluids, high temperature chain lubricants, and a variety of greases.

Specialist suppliers have an in-depth understanding of the diverse range of products available, as well as the different classifications for food grade lubricants. As a result, whether firms need a lubricant where incidental contact may occur or a food safe solution for trays and meat hooks, suppliers can ensure they never run short and are always employing the correct product.

When food becomes contaminated due to improper solutions being deployed, the costs can be hefty for companies. Product recalls can be expensive, but lawsuits from consumers and fines from health and safety regulators even more so. Such incidents can also have long-term consequences, ruining the professional reputation of firms, but they are avoidable when expert food grade lubricant suppliers are on hand keeping companies on track.

To make life easier for companies, food grade lubricants suppliers can also handle any paperwork required for products. This ensures companies are always compliant with legal requirements. With greater access to available products than general lubricant distributors, suppliers who are specialists in food grade lubricants can source and supply oils, greases, and fluids at competitive prices.

Using a specialist supplier also allows companies to obtain all the products they require from a single company, which can streamline the way they operate and increase efficiency. Dealing with only one supplier simplifies communications, deliveries, inventory and invoicing, and allows firms to benefit from reduced delivery costs through bulk ordering.

Are you looking for dependable food grade lubricants suppliers?

Far more than a standard supplier, at TrAchem we offer specialist procurement services for enterprises requiring specific lubricants. We have access to a greater number of leading brands and products than any other firm in our field and take pride in sourcing solutions for our clients on time and for the best prices available. With experience tracking down and supplying first-class food grade lubricants to match a multitude of applications, we can be counted on for a service that is second to none.

To discuss the food grade lubrication products, you need for your operation with our technical team, reach out to us today. If the lubricants you seek are not currently on our catalogue of products, you can rely on us to do our utmost to source them for you.