Lubricants for Mining & Quarrying

To operate efficiently and ensure their equipment functions at optimum while always remaining well-protected, every enterprise requires a steady supply of lubricants. Different industries use a variety of machinery to perform tasks and must handle different work rates and loads while coping with specific operating conditions and the aggregates industry is no exception. As a result, leading manufacturers produce a wide range of lubricants for mining & quarrying.

Lubrication requirements of the aggregates industry

The lubrication needs of mining and quarrying operations are complex in nature as they involve an extensive number of different types of vehicles and machinery that perform hundreds of different kinds of applications, often across a vast range of work conditions and environments. This can include rolling stock designed to transports materials, crushers, stackers, conveyors and stackers along with asphalt plants that are engineered to process the aggregate. Fortunately, today specific solutions have been designed to provide high levels of lubrication for every application involved.

Available lubricants for mining & quarrying

Specialist lubricant makers have created dedicated product ranges for commercial and industrial vehicles used in the aggregates sector. These cleverly formulated lubricants are developed to specifically overcome the operational challenges facing firms involved in quarrying and mining industries. Lubricants are designed to help drive operational efficiency to ensure that companies keep their stationary and rolling stock equipment in active service, delivering greater value for a longer duration.

A diverse range of lubrication products are available for mining and quarrying operations. These include advanced hydraulic, gear and engine oils, but also antifreezes, transmission fluids and dedicated greases. All lubricants for the mining and quarrying industry are engineered to help companies boost and optimise their inventory efficiency, making it easier for operators to ensure they use the correct product for each individual application. Overall, this allows them to achieve maximum performance for all vehicles and equipment for cutting-edge productivity levels.

Advantages of lubricants for mining and quarrying

Along with the benefits listed above, high-quality lubricants designed for mining and quarrying can offer additional advantages to operators and their equipment. Lubricants can help to maintain the cleanliness of vehicle engines improving their operational efficiency while extending their active service life. They also provide outstanding protection against wear, which is essential for equipment in mining and quarrying operations which must work continuously under extreme pressure and intensively over long periods.

With an understanding that different types of quarrying and mining operations will face unique environmental and operating challenges, built for purpose products have been designed to meet every type of specification. As a result, companies operating the aggregates industry will find that an ideal solution is always available with the help of a specialist in lubrication procurement.

Does your operation require lubricants for mining & quarrying now?

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