Lubricants for Power Generation Industry

Industrial equipment and machinery work harder than solutions used in other sectors, often operating under extreme conditions and continuously at intense rates and under excessive loads. However, the mechanical systems deployed in the power generation industry take this scenario to a whole new level.

Power plants are constantly striving to remain competitive in a challenging market, making optimising performance and minimising operational downtime critical. Power generation operators work with highly volatile substances and must cope with some of the highest and lowest operating temperatures encountered. This makes safety a constant concern.

To keep equipment, systems and vehicles employed in the sector working at maximum capacity, leading manufacturers have created specific lubricants for the power generation industry. Supplying comprehensive ranges of best-in-class lubrication solutions tailored to meet original equipment manufacturer specifications, tailored lubricants are designed to deliver operator safety, mechanical performance and output while always ensuring cost optimisation.

Different types of lubricants for the power generation industry

Lubricants designed for the power generation sector are varied but share commonality with solutions for other industries. The difference lies in how specialised the lubricants must be to ensure they can retain their attributes, even when working under the extreme demands and conditions associated with the sector.

For example, lubricants for the power generation industry operations must reduce wear and tear on moving components within systems. They must also seal parts against corrosive forces and unwanted deposits and contamination, keeping machinery clean and operating at optimum. Lubricants also need to serve as a coolant and extract excessive heat away from critical work areas.

However, in the power generation industry, operations involve higher maximum and minimum temperatures and the potential for unwanted deposits and sludge formation is far greater. Machinery must work harder and for longer; this demands levels of lubrication seldom required by operations in other sectors. Furthermore, lubricants must also be compatible with different fuel types involved. As a result, cutting-edge solutions are essential and lubrication manufacturers work closely alongside Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and leading companies to develop bespoke solutions which deliver these requirements. Below are just some of the different types of lubricants deployed by operators in the power generation industry.

Oils and greases

Greases and oils are key general lubricants for power plants and the lifeblood of most operations. Synthetic and semi-synthetic solutions are preferred which are imbued with special additives to enhance their performance and allow them to perform under extreme working conditions. For example, while keeping systems clean and lubricating moving components, oils and greases often contain Extreme Pressure (EP), anti-wear and anti-corrosive additives. Products are also designed with characteristics to cope with environmental conditions like water resistance.

Gear oils

Specially formulated gear oils are designed for the industry which can protect an extensive range of transmission systems helping power generation plants achieve seamless performance from their systems. Oils are designed to work tirelessly and retain their properties under extreme pressure. Offering extended active service life, these oils allow for longer drain intervals, minimising maintenance and operational downtime while reducing oil consumption for cost effectiveness.

Turbine oils

Power plant turbines generate energy by harnessing the movements of high-pressure fluids at record speeds involving gas, wind, steam and water. To ensure turbines can work seamlessly under both extreme temperatures and intense stress, high-quality turbine oils are critical. Oils are also enhanced with specific additive packages to protect turbines from corrosion, metal wear and other harmful chemicals processes to reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity.

Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic fluids are used to transfer power in the hydraulic systems of both wind power and hydro-electric generation operations. The fluids utilised in power plant facilities function under excessive force and at extreme temperatures. To protect both plant operators and crews performing maintenance on hydraulic systems, many fluids for the industry are formulated with hydrolytic properties to be fire-resistant.

Rust preventative oils

Power plants are often subject to corrosive forces caused by operational as well as environmental conditions, but also due to the materials being processed. When metal-based equipment is used, there is always a potential risk of corrosion. As a result, lubricant manufacturers formulate oils which can effectively inhibit rust and corrosion even in the most extreme operating environments.

Do you need premium lubricants for a power generation industry operation?

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