Refrigeration Compressor Lubricants Suppliers

An integral part of the cooling systems in refrigeration equipment, compressors must function continuously, but to do so requires an equally constant process of lubrication. The refrigeration compressor oil serves as a lubricant but must also perform many other tasks. While reducing friction and wear, it must also work as a seal between both the low pressure and high pressure sides of the system. Compressor oils must be suitable to refrigeration compressor components, so they do not cause damage but also be compatible with the various types of refrigerants used to run systems. Finally, they must have the capacity to endure under extreme cold and extreme heat found experienced.

As a result, exceptionally complex and high-quality lubricants are therefore required to fulfil this lengthy list of demands. For this reason, finding refrigeration compressor lubricants suppliers that can be counted on is a crucial component of every operation using this hardworking equipment.

What is a refrigeration compressor lubricant supplier?

Refrigeration compressor lubricant suppliers provide a service dedicated to supporting enterprises using equipment where compression systems are a vital element. With an in-depth understanding of refrigeration compression systems, they can source suitable products that are compatible with the refrigerants being used, seal types involved in compressors and compressor workloads.

While a standard supplier may stock a selection of lubricants suited to different types of compressors, a specialist in products for refrigeration compressors will offer a wider range of solutions. As a result, they can simplify the ordering process for firms and ensure they always have a steady supply of lubricants to keep their equipment running around the clock.

What refrigeration compressor lubricants can suppliers provide?

Different compressor oils are required when different refrigerants are in play. With an understanding of the equipment requirements of an operation, specialist suppliers can access and allocate the ideal product for the best possible price, helping companies improve their bottom line. Among the options that suppliers can source are oils like Alkylbenzenes, Polyalphaolefin, Polyol ester and Polyalkyleneglycols as well as Napthenic mineral oils.
Alkylbenzenes (AB) are dedicated refrigeration oils that offer both excellent thermal and chemical stability. They also offer high miscibility with refrigerants. AB is totally soluble with mineral oils and Polyalphaolefin (PAO) refrigeration oils. As a result, AB is often used to produce blended products that contain different ingredients and create an enhanced product with improved lubrication properties.

Like AB, PAO refrigeration oils deliver sound thermal and chemical stability. However, PAO has outstanding properties for viscosity temperature criteria. However, it is typically used in applications where there is no concern regarding refrigerant miscibility as its miscibility with refrigerant is typically low. Another issue with PAO is that it can cause shrinkage to seals, but this is resolved by creating a blend of PAO with AB as mentioned above.

Polyol ester or POE refrigeration lubricants are perhaps the most common synthetic lubricant product that is used when HFC refrigerants, such as R134a are required, while Polyalkyleneglycols (PAG) are oils with a high viscosity index and high levels of thermal stability. PAG is hygroscopic however, which refers to its property of attracting water. It is also soluble with ammonia. Finally, naphthenic oils possess a lower pour point, making them a suitable solution for systems operating at low temperatures.

Making the right product selection when sourcing a suitable refrigeration oil relies on both the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications for the compressor, as well as the dedicated refrigerant being used by the system.

The lubricant selected must offer chemical stability and thermal stability, and never react with the system’s refrigerant. How the refrigeration lubricant interacts with the system refrigerant and how they perform when combined is also vital for system performance, as issues like low viscosity or insufficient oil volume can cause considerable harm.

As a result, carefully selecting the right refrigeration oil for a compressor is critical, making the help of specialist suppliers invaluable.

Do you need reliable refrigeration compressor lubricants for your operation?

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