Research centre to develop next-gen materials for UK manufacturers

A new cutting-edge research centre has been opened by the University of Sheffield as part of the Henry Royce Institute to support UK manufacturers in developing advanced materials and incorporating them into new products.

The Royce Discovery Centre is aptly housed within a building named after Harry Brearley, the man who invented stainless steel, thus making cutlery affordable for the general public and starting Sheffield’s cutlery industry. The centre aims to become a prominent national centre for developing and processing advanced metals, and it is already assisting in the development of new materials for products like electric vehicles, nuclear fusion reactors, storage for green hydrogen, and medical implants. It will also seek to reduce the time and cost of incorporating material discoveries into new technologies and products.

The Henry Royce Institute’s CEO, Professor David Knowles, said about the new centre:

“The Discovery Centre will transform aspects of Royce’s research capabilities in the Advanced Metals Processing research area. It will build on the UK’s strength in metals processing and provide academia and industry with the advanced facilities and technical support they need to deliver both innovative processing technologies and novel alloy development.”

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Industrial Lubricant
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