Research finds many car buyers want to buy British

A new study has found that among in-market car buyers, around a quarter (25.07%) want to support the UK automotive sector by buying vehicles from British brands or foreign-branded vehicles that are made within the UK.

The in-market research was conducted by the What Car? automobile magazine. It also found that for 43.12% of buyers, the country of manufacture was an important consideration, with 9.82% expressing that it was very important. More than half of buyers (61%) also believed it was important for buyers to support British brands and manufacturers in general. This sentiment held broadly true even if it meant waiting longer for a British car, with 45.59% of surveyed respondents saying they could handle a longer lead time for a car built in this country.

In a statement, What Car? editor Steve Huntingford said that while the importance of supporting:

“Domestic businesses has dropped from the highs seen during the worst months of Covid, buyers are still aware their purchase can help manufacturers operating in the country. This is particularly important for a sector that employs more than 797,000 people and contributes £11.9 billion in added value to the UK economy.”

With the pandemic having raised awareness of supporting local businesses and exposed vulnerabilities in long global supply chains, the research likely reflects a consumer shift towards favouring locally made products in general. At TrAchem, we supply lubricants from a range of brands, including the Shrewsbury-based Morris Lubricants, which makes products like the fully synthetic Morris Lodexol gear oil.

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