Valvoline shows off construction products at EXCON 2022

At EXCON 2022, an international trade fair, leading lubricant maker Valvoline has showcased its range of products for the mining and construction industries.

To maintain its market position, Valvoline invests in research and development to create cutting-edge lubricant products. Among the high-performance products it demonstrated at EXCON 2022 were Power Select Ultra, Zerex, Premium Blue and AIRShield DEF (AUS 32).

Zerex, for example, is a popular range of antifreeze coolant for use in both light- and heavy-duty engines, while the highly purified AIRShield DEF (AUS 32) has been specially formulated for modern SCR engines that are BS-IV compliant. Perhaps most significantly, though, Valvoline Premium Blue is the only lubricant range that Cummins recommends to use in its gas and diesel engines, with them having been extensively tested in various Cummins engines.

Valvoline has a rich and lengthy heritage of innovation, having been formed after Dr. Ellis first developed a petroleum-based lubricant to reduce friction in big steam engines. According to the company’s website:

“For 150 years Valvoline has been on the leading edge of lubricants technology. From creating X-18 motor oil in 1939, to high performance racing oil in 1965 to MaxLife high kilometer oil in 2000, Valvoline has innovated to provide owners with quality products that maximize engine care.”

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